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Hello Ladies. I'm Alexis Beasley and I'm currently 19 years young. I was inspired to do make up since May 2016, because of prom season. I loved getting my face done and watching YouTube videos on how to achieve certain looks. Ever since then I've practiced almost every day and night trying to achieve that perfect "MAC" or "Instagram" face you see today. I kept buying more and more products, it seemed that's where all my money would go.  I soon was satisfied with my progress and eventually decided to do other girls make up that turned out beautifully.

Then, I decided I NEEDED a name for my little make up business. I came up with "DreamDramatics`" because I loved those inspiring Instagram dramatic looks and that's what I decided to work with. Dramatic looks such as prom, birthdays, and weddings.

Not only did my love for my make up become strong, but I loved seeing my clients happy after I finished beating their faces. So because of this one day I decided to start making products because it all seemed so simple. I realized. If I inspired people why not try my own line?

This business is very small and is only ran by me so far, but I'm excited and motivated to make everyone even happier by all of the products I will soon be hand making or creating. There will be plenty more in store. STAY TUNED THANK YOU  FOR YOUR TIME AND PATIENCE LADIES!

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